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11.11.2016 | Cultural processes in the Circum-Baltic space in the Early and Middle Holocene

An international scientific conference “Cultural processes in the Circum-Baltic space in the Early and Middle Holocene” will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on April 26–28, 2017

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Vladimir I. Timofeev, an outstanding Russian researcher of Holocene Stone Age, whose 70th birthday is coming in 2017. The topics to be discussed are connected to the scientific heritage of V.I. Timofeev, namely:

1. Archaeological sites and disappeared Holocene landscapes

2. Absolute chronology data arrays and models of neolitization

3. Social networks during the Mesolithic and Neolithic

4. Elshanian – Strumel – Ertebølle pottery – parts of one cultural area or cultures with different origins?



07.04.2016 | # Unite4Heritage. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Supports Yemeni Heritage Week – Museums United for Yemen

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography which hosts rich Yemeni collection which is mostly the result of the work of Soviet-Yemeni Complex Expedition (SOYKE), fully supports #Unite4Heritage Campaign.

The recent conflict in Yemen that started in March 2015 has caused serious security and humanitarian crisis in the country. At the same time, the conflict severely affected Yemen’s unique cultural heritage mostly as collateral damage caused by military operations, aerial bombardment in particular. The Old Cities of Sana’ and Saa’da, the Citadel of Taez, the archaeological site of the pre-Islamic walled city of Baraqish, the archaeological site of Sirwah (near Marib) from the 1st millennium B.C., and the Great Dam of Marib, a wonder of technical engineering, were all affected. Dhamar Museum, which used to host 12,500 artefacts, was completely destroyed.

In this regard, UNESCO proposes to organise Yemeni Heritage Week – Museums United for Yemen together with major museums around the world that host Yemen’s important cultural artefacts under #Unite4Heritage Campaign.

On April 26 the MAE (Kunstkamera) RAS will present Museum's participation in this international event. Lecture by Prof Mikhail Rodionov, the Head of the Department of South and Southwest Asia of the Museum and SOYKE participant, entitled «‘Yemeni Cultural Memory: Challenges and Concerns’» will be presented at the special meeting of the Museum Scholarly council and will be broadcasted live via the Periscope.

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21.03.2016 | Symposium "Prospects for Ethnological / Anthropological Approach of European Studies in Russia"

The symposium Prospects for Ethnological / Anthropological Approach of European Studies in Russia is intended to represent the latest research achievements as well as the methodological fundamentals by the Russian ethnologists and anthropologists who focus their research on Europe. It is also aimed to define the place of ethnological / anthropological knowledge in European Studies within contemporary Russian science and to specify the most promising future focus areas for the Russian experts in European Studies.

25.11.2015 | Research made by the scholar from the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences became a basis of a diplomatic gift of the President of Russia

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin during personal meeting with ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Head and the spiritual leader of Iran, presented him the copy of one of the most ancient manuscripts of the Qur’an in the world which is stored in the St. Petersburg academic collection. The manuscript was identified, studied and published by Prof Efim Rezvan, the deputy director of the MAE RAS. His monograph on the topic received the Russian national award "Book of the Year" in the nomination "Humanitas" (2005), it won the second international competition of the CIS states "The Art of the Book" in the nomination "Dialogue of Cultures" (2005), gained the honourable diploma of UNESCO as "The best edition making the significant contribution to dialogue of cultures" (2005) as well as the honourable diploma of the Teheran Qur’anic Fair (2005). Efim Rezvan also made a documentary about the project. The Saint-Petersburg scholar took active part in preparation of a diplomatic gift.

To know the history of this manuscript in details, please, read Prof Rezvan’s article following this link.

28.10.2015 | The Sensational Dating of the Early Copies of the Qur’an. Public lecture by Efim Rezvan in the UK

On October, 21 2015, Birmingham University organized a scientific conference on results of radiocarbon dating of early Qur’anic fragments stored in its library. The manuscript drew wide media and public interest  since the parchment was dated to approximately the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammed. (The dating placed the fragments to 568645 A. D., while the preaching of Mohammed began in 610 A. D. and ended with his death in 632 A. D.)



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