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Conferences and Seminars

2023 | 2022 2021 

June 26-30, 2023

15th All-Russian Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists

May 17-19, 2023

11th Scientific and practical conference Polar Readings 2023: The Arctic and Antarctic: History and Anthropology of Everyday Life

January 30-31, 2023

Annual Research conference The Radlov Readings


1. Science of the Kunstkamera. Supervisors: Yuri K. Chistov, D. Sc., Natalia P. Kopaneva, Cand. Sc.

2. Textile Seminar. Supervisor: Yelena G. Tsareva, D. Sc.

3. Seminar of the Council of Young Scientists at the MAE RAS.

4. Caucasus: the Crossroads of Cultures, organized by the Department of Ethnography of the Caucasus. Supervisor: Makka S.-G. Albogachieva. D. Sc.

5. Anthropology of St. Petersburg. Supervisor: Natalia E. Mazalova, D. Sc.

6. Field Seminar of MAE RAS. Supervisors: Alexander A. Novik, Dr. Sc., Elena G. Fedorova, Cand. Sc.,

Golant, Cand. Sc.