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Presentation of a new book "Buddhist collections of the Kunstkamera" by Dmitry Ivanov


On March 14 at 4 PM in the reading room of the Library of the MAE RAS, a meeting of the regular seminar "Science of the Kunstkamera" was held, during which took place the presentation of the book by Dmitry Ivanov "Buddhist Collections of the Kunstkamera", released by the MAE RAS publishing house in 2021.

The book acquaints readers with the history of the arrival of the first Buddhist exhibits in the oldest museum in Russia. Their appearance in the collections of the Kunstkamera was connected both with the beginning of the scientific study of the expanses of the Russian Empire, and with important events in the history of Buddhism in Russia.

Prior to the main report, Dmitry Ivanov noted that the book was based on materials collected during the work on compiling the catalogue of the Buddhist collections of the MAE RAS. As it happens, some items from these collections will be presented to visitors at the new permanent exhibition "Peter's Kunstkamera", which will open on June 9 this year.

The editor of the book is the chief custodian of the fund of the MAE RAS Natalya Kopaneva. She noted that the texts by Dmitry Ivanov, despite the abundance of references to archival documents, are distinguished by an understandable and simple language and his first monograph “Revolutions and Collections” became a scientific bestseller.

We would like to add that the new book “Buddhist Collections of the Kunstkamera” by Dmitry Ivanov can be purchased at the museum’s online store: