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Participation of the researchers of the MAE RAS in the International Conference "ON MELTING GROUND" (Chemnitz, Germany)


The International Conference "ON MELTING GROUND" (Chemnitz, Germany) ended on October 22. Having started on October 20 it lasted for three days in a hybrid format and brought together specialists from different countries engaged in the study of not only Arctic archeology, but also the general research of the Arctic. Researchers of the MAE RAS also made presentations at the conference. Director of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Andrei Golovnev presented his report "Arctic nomodography" in which he outlined in detail his method of recording the movement of nomadic peoples of the Arctic.

Andrei Golovnev prefaced his report with these words: “In researching nomadism, we use tracking-mapping-acting (TMA) motion recording technology, in which there are three main components: personal GPS-tracker during the day, migration map during the season / year and video- and photographing during the moments of activity. I call this method nomadography in contrast to the philosophical notion of nomadism.”

Also at the conference there were Deputy Director of the MAE RAS Vladimir Davydov with a report “Energy Regimes of the Arctic” and Natalya Aleksashenko, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of the Museum Technologies of the MAE RAS, with a report “Siberian Arctic Archaeological Collections in the Kunstkamera: Museum and Scientific Potential”.