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Project Research Department


St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 3


Andrey V. Golovnev - Head of Department, Corresponding Member of RAS (ethnography of the North, Eurasia and the Arctic, visual anthropology, anthropology of movement, nomadism, interethnic relations, identity, ethnicity)

Elena V. Perevalova - Leading Researcher, Doctor of Historical Sciences (ethnic history, ethnopolitics, colonization, ethnicity, identity, traditions of the peoples of the Urals, Western Siberia, the Russian North, regional branding, historical and cultural heritage)

Margarita F. Khartanovich - Leading Researcher (history of scientific governmental and public institutions, activities of the Russian scientists)

Ivan A. Golovnev - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (Soviet ethnocinema, ethnographic cinema, history of Soviet ethnography, visual anthropology, regional identity, ethnography of the peoples of Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation)

Veronika A. Belyaeva-Sachuk - Senior Researcher, Doctor (PhD) of Ethnology (history of ethnography, Polish-Russian scientific relations, ethnography of the peoples of Siberia and the Far East, Siberian shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, reindeer husbandry of the peoples of Southern Siberia)

Tatyana S. Kisser - Junior Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (ethnohistory of the peoples of the Urals and Siberia, history of ethnography, anthropology of travel, anthropology of movement, visual anthropology, cyber-ethnicity)


The Project Research Department (PRO) was created to implement research initiatives, fundamental and scientific and practical research on projects in the field of ethnography, anthropology, archeology, museology, history and other humanities in an interdisciplinary and international format.

The main areas of the activity of the department:

  1. proactive research (including interdisciplinary research) in current and promising areas: anthropology of movement, ethnic mobility, religion and ethnicity, cyber-ethnicity and cyber-ethnography, visual anthropology, anthropology of travel, history of the Kunstkamera and MAE, philosophy of science.
  2. historical and cultural expertise and ethnological expertise; interaction with federal and local authorities; carrying out research, expert and analytical, consulting activities for governmental and non-governmental organizations, legal entities and individuals; consulting, execution of orders for scientific research and development for legal entities and individuals on the basis of civil law contracts and government contracts;
  3. educational activities within the framework of the basic department of the MAE RAS at the NRU HSE St. Petersburg: preparation and implementation of specialized courses, including lectures, seminars, a set of practices by profile, distance learning formats; creation of a database of online courses in various areas of anthropology and museology.


  • RSF grant "Mobility in the Arctic: ethnic traditions and technological innovation" (2014-2018) headed by A. V. Golovnev
  • RFBR grant "Contemporary perspectives of ethnicity in the North of Eurasia: text-visual compositions" (2017–2019) headed by A. V. Golovnev
  • RFBR grant "Anthropology of movement: theoretical and scientific-practical potential" (2017-2019) headed by A. V. Golovnev
  • RFBR grant “Quranic ethnography. Material culture of the Qur'an "(2018–2020) headed by E. A. Rezvan
  • RFBR grant "Dynamics of ethnic identity of Ural Germans" (2018) headed by A. V. Golovnev


Members of the Department carry out scientific and organizational preparation of scientific journals:


Scientific journal, published 4 times a year. Languages: ​​Russian, English. Founder and publisher - Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera).

The journal resumes the publication of the journal Ethnography that was done in 1926–1930 under the editorship of academician S. F. Oldenburg and where they treated a wide spectre of ethnographic problems, searched for new methods and perspectives of research, published the innovative works of L. Ya. Sternberg and V. G. Bogoraz, V. N. Kharuzina and G. N. Prokofiev, S. P. Tolstov and S. A. Tokarev.

The range of interests of our journal covers the deep traditions of ethnology of the XVIII century, the achievements of science about the peoples of the XIX-XX centuries, ethnographic methods of "dense descriptions" and interpretations popular in the modern space of postmodernism, current topics of ethnocultural heritage and potential, ethno-confessional contacts and conflicts, ethnoseology, cyber-ethnicity, etc.


Scientific journal, published 4 times a year. Languages ​​Russian, English. Founder and publisher - Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera).

The journal aims to reflect all the diversity of the current scientific interests of the museum staff and at a new level to ensure the prompt introduction of scientific research results into scientific circulation. The Kunstkamera is a platform for discussing the most pressing problems of modern ethnography. The publication provides an opportunity for MAE staff and their foreign partners to publish both the results of many years of fundamental research, in the form of analytical articles, and brief information notes.


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