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Museum Technology Laboratory


Andrey V. Golovnev - Head of Department, Corresponding Member of the RAS (ethnography of the North, Eurasia and the Arctic, visual anthropology, anthropology of movement, nomadism, interethnic relations, identity, ethnicity)

Natalya A. Aleksashenko, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (traceology, experiment, technology for the manufacture and use of bone objects, comparative study of archaeological and ethnographic objects, paleoeconomics)

Elena A. Vagner-Sapukhina, Junior Researcher (physical anthropology, craniology, osteology, study of the ancient population using methods of population genetics; anatomical variability of the human skeleton, odontology, paleopathology, anthropological photography; geometric morphometry, 3D modeling)

Gleb K. Danilov, Junior Researcher (paleogeography of circumpolar regions, archeology of North-East Eurasia, scientific dating methods in geology and archeology)

Yulia S. Kon'kova, Junior Researcher (Arctic design, northern aesthetics, traditional ornament of the North, study of the artistic image of items of traditional culture of nomads, ethnic design, interpretation of traditional cultural values ​​in modern design practice)

Denis A. Kukanov, Junior Researcher (ethno design, arctic design, northern aesthetics, research of forms and structures of objects of traditional culture (historical and modern)

Nadezhda A. Stanulevich, Junior Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (history of photography, museum collections, historical and cultural heritage)

Vera V. Terekhina, Researcher (experimental and traceological analysis of products made of bone and horn, archeology of the Upper Paleolithic)

Anastasia P. Tikhonenko, Junior Researcher (specifics of radiocarbon dating of bone material)

Ekaterina B. Tolmacheva, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (theory and practice of creation, storage, use and study of ethnographic audiovisual documents, history of ethnographic photography, digitization, method of field photographic recording)

Evgeniya N. Uchaneva, Researcher (physical anthropology, craniology, osteology, anthropology of the population of Southern Siberia, paleodemography, application of natural scientific methods in anthropology and archeology, 3D modeling, geometric morphometry in anthropology)