The Kunstkamera. 295th anniversary. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: History, Collections, Research. SPb., 2009.
   Yu.K. Chistov, E.A. Rezvan, Yu.A. Kupina, E.A. Mikhailova
Год издания:

Special edition published in commemoration of the 295th anniversary of the Peter the Great Museum of anthropology and ethnography (the Kunstkamera).

  Foreword. Zhores Alferov
  I. Preface. Kunstkamera Buildings: Historical Information. Museum and Its Directors. Administration
    Kunstkamera Buildings: Historical Information
    Museum and Its Directors
  II. Scientific Departments of MAE RAS
    Department of Australia, Oceania and Indonesia
    Department of America
    Department of Africa
    Department of East and Southeast Asia
    Department of  Eastern Slavs and Peoples of European Russia
    Department of Europe
    Department of Caucasus
    Department of Siberia
    Department of Central Asia
    Department of South and Southwest Asia
    Department of Physical Anthropology
    Department of Archaeology
    Department of the History of Kunstkamera and 18th Century Russian Science (M.V. Lomonosov Museum)
    Center of Political and Social Anthropology
  III. Museum Expositions. Serial Scientific Editions. Subsidary Units
    Department of Expositions and Exhibitions
    The Museum’s Permanent Expositions
    Editorial Department
    Serial Scientific Editions
        Bulletin of the MAE
        Radlov Collection
        «Kunstkamera Petropolitana»
        «Kunstkamera – Archive»
        «Forum for Anthropology and Culture»
        «Manuscripta Orientalia»
    Registration and Storage Department
    Excursions and Education Department
    Laboratory of Audio-Visual Anthropology
    Restoration and Conservation Laboratory
    MAE Archives
    Department of Informational-Technical Support
    Informational Technologies Department
    Museum Security Service