Oriental Dreams: Russian Avant-Garde and Silk of Bukhara: [exhibition catalogue]. SPb., 2006.
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   E.A. Rezvan
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Kunstkamera is the keeper of the richest collection of Central Asian fabrics in Europe. It contains the samples of textile fabrics, complexes of holiday and everyday attire and adornments. The most important part of the collection is comprised of ceremonial gifts to Russian Tsars from Bukharan emirs and khans of Khiva. The best of it (over 160 exhibits) are presented at the catalogue of the exhibition project by Efim Rezvan “Oriental Dreams: Russian Avant-Garde and Silks of Bukhara” together and in a dialogue with the works of such prominent representatives of Russian Avant-garde as Alexei Yavlinskii, brothers Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, Ivan Kliun, Varvara Stepanova, Alexander Rodchenko and Alexandra Exter which were brought to Saint-Petersburg from Tashkent. The exhibition video is available here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8WqKkNdEUU)

  Gulnara Karimova and Efim Rezvan. The Energy of Beauty
  Yuri Chistov. Our Treasures


  Efim Rezvan. Through the Eyes of a Prince
  Rahmat Rahimov. Bukhara — Petersburg: the Silk Road for the House of the Romanovs (Historical And Cultural Portrait of the Kunstkamera Collections)
  Elena Tsareva. Between the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya: Silks Ikats in the Culture of Maverannahr
  Maryam Rezvan and Efim Rezvan. “So the Curse Remains on the Outside” or the “Protective Dress” (Women and her Clothing in the Magic Sphere of Central Asia)
  Nikolay Terletsky. Pieces of Fabric at Mazars (Fabric as a Votive Item)
  Konstantin Vasiltsov. “The Most Noble Colour” (Colour Preferences of Central Asia)
  Valeria Prishchepova. A View from the Outside: Urda, Jalap, Bacha (by Photograph Collections of the MAE RAS 1870—1929)
  Valeria Prishchepova. Cotton, Silk and Hands


  Anton Uspensky. Towards Asia
  Elmira Ahmedova. Two Roses Redden on One Stem
  Elmira Ahmedova. Russian Avant-Garde in Tashkent
  Nigora Ahmedova and Elmira Ahmedova. Heritage as Style
  Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Samarqandia from Travel Notes of 1921


  “Dom Stilya”


  Elena Tsareva. Noble Bukhara
  Elena Tsareva. Following the Footsteps of the “Phoenicians of Central Asia”
  Elena Tsareva. Where Zoroaster Spoke
  Inga Stasevich. The Kazakh Bride
  Elena Tsareva. At the Foot of the Roof of the World
  Viktoria Kryukova. “When Will We Taste the Joy of Love of Loving Bodies?” (the Marriage Bed of the Mortals and the Heavenly Bed of the Gods)
  Ikats and Avant-Garde. Catalogue