The Land of Incense. Yemen: Images of Traditional Culture: [exhibition catalogue]. SPb., 2007.
Ответственный редактор:
   Efim Rezvan
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The catalogue presents the exhibition project “The Land of Incense (Yemen: Images of Traditional Culture)”. The exhibition was devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Soviet-Yemen complex expedition (SOYCE).The exhibition was an attempt to see the world of the inhabitants of Yemen, a world of ordinary men and women living in the cities and towns of this country, who in spite of everything are able to preserve their unique culture. Before us are the images and symbols of the traditional cultureof the inhabitants of this country. In quarter of a century of field research, Petersburg scholars have gathered wide and diverse ethnographic material. In April, 2007 the film group of the “Ijma‘=Concord” travelled over 2,500 km around the country, visited the main places linked with the work of SOYCE and brought back over 15 hours of video footage and over 3,000 photographs. The selection of these images could have been different, but in our story we followed our own impressions and collections, which were mainly gathered as part of the expeditions in the work by SOYCE.

The exhibition video could be seen at:

  Mikhail Piotrovsky, Alexander Sedov, Yury Chistov. Introduction
  Efim Rezvan. Arabia Felix – 2007
  Mikhail Rodionov, Yury Chistov. SOYCE: Studies on Hadramawt Anthropology and Ethnography
  Pavel Pogorelsky, Mikhail Rodionov. Yemen in the Ethnographic Collections of MAE RAS
  Basic SOYCE Bibliography
      The Frankincense
      The Man
      The Call of Ancestors
      Ritual Hunt
      The Bazaar
      “My Home Is My Castle”
      The Woman
      Hospitality and Coffee
      Women’s Work
      A Taste of Sun
      Where Two Worlds Meet