Rezvan E.A. Samuel Dudin — Photographer, Artist, Ethnographer: (the materials of the expeditions to Kazakhstan of 1889 and 2010): [photo exhibition catalogue]. SPb., 2010.
   E.A. Rezvan
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The collections of the MAE keep unique collections of photo materials of Samuel Martynovich Dudin (1863—1929), an artist, ethnographer-scientist, traveler and collector. He became the founder and (since 1911) the permanent head of the specialized photographic laboratory of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography — one of the first in the whole world — and practically one of the founders of a scientific trend, which is today referred to as visual anthropology. Samuel Dudin became a pioneer of the collection of the Ethnographic Department of the Russian Museum (today it is known as the Russian Ethnographic Museum) of ethnography of the peoples of Central Asia. The uniqueness of the artistic heritage of Dudin in many respects is comprised of his special approach to material, an approach that combined talent and professionalism of a true artist with a scientific thoroughness and objectivity The project which presents the results of the joint Russian-Kazakhstan historical-ethnographic expedition (May 26 to June 9 of 2010) was realized for the panel “Interdependence   of Cultures in the Dialogue Community” of the VIII Annual Session World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (Rhodes, Greece, October 7—11, 2010)

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