Rezvan E.A., Rezvan M.E. The Qur’an and Muslim Manuscript Tradition. Selected articles. SPb., 2013.
   E.A. Rezvan, M.E. Rezvan
Год издания:
   Manuscripta Orientalia Electronic book series

The electronic publication presents 15 articles by Efim & Maryam Rezvan published in 1992—2008 mostly in “Manuscripta Orientalia. International Journal for Oriental Manuscript Research” and devoted to different aspects of the Qur’ān realization in the Muslim manuscript tradition.

Instead of Introduction
1. The Database on Early Qur’ān MSS: New Approach to the Text History Reconstruction (1992)
2. The Qur’ān: Between Textus Receptus and Critical Edition (1992)
3. Les premiers Corans (1994)
4. Les Corans réalizés sur commande (1994)
5. Yet Another “‘Uthmānic Qur’ān” (to the History of Manuscript E-20 from the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (2000)
6. On the Dating of the “‘Uthmānic Qur’ān” from St. Petersburg (2000)
7. Oriental Manuscripts of Karl Fabergé. I: The Qur’ān (2001)
8. Qur’ānic Fragments from the A.A. Polovtsov Collection atthe St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (2001)*
9. Qur’ānic Manuscripts as Birth, Death, Land and Library Register (2002)
10. Qur’ān Manuscript A 1638 from the Collection of the SPIOS and the Practice of Istikhāra (2003)*
11. Early Qur’ānic Manuscript from the Collections of St. Petersburg Kunstkamera (2004)*
12. The Qur’ān by Petr Stolypin (?) (2004)
13. New Folios from “‘Uthmānic Qur’ān” (Library of Administration for Muslim Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan) (2004)
14. Mingana Folios: When and Why (2005)
15. The Qur’ān and Power in Russia. I: Manuscript (2008)

Titles marked by * belong to Maryam Rezvan